Choice of fuel may affect
the repair costs of your car


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"Since phasing out unleaded petrol in NSW in June 2012, you only have a choice of E10 or Premium Unleaded. Premium is the only choice unless you want to have huge repair bills to fix the problems E10 will create," says Pro-Tec Automotive owner Greg Slade.

Greg who first raised issue of E10 fuel damage potential in early 2012. "In the last 18 months I've been getting at least two to three cars a week with fuel system problems and it's turned out to be because of the ethanol found in E10 petrol - and I have never encountered so many problems caused by fuel since E10 was introduced in 2007. I have repaired rusted out fuel tanks and fuel lines, damaged fuel tank sender units, blocked fuel filters, damaged fuel pumps, damaged carburettors and blocked injectors. Ethanol also causes poor fuel consumption, lack of power, stalling and hesitations on take off, also overheating and blown head gaskets."

Symptoms that E10 may be affecting your car:

  • Slight drop in fuel consumption
  • Car is sluggish when starting in the mornings
  • Motor stalls or misses when starting

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"Any fuel containing Ethanol will do three things, it will absorb water which causes corrosion, it will increase fuel consumption by up to 30% compared with 98 octane fuel due to being less efficient and also reduce engine life and performance," says the Pro-Tec Automotive head mechanic Greg Slade. "Next time you put fuel in your tank and think you are saving money by using E10, please factor in the costs of repairs you will need to make to keep your car running reliably and safely."

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