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The car service in Evans Head, Pro-Tec Automotive can service your new car while keeping your dealership warranty intact.

To provide you with an instruction about recommended service intervals, procedures and inspection points, manufacturers issue a Log Book with every new car you buy. If you need service during your new car warranty period, call Pro-Tec now or make a car service appointment online!


What is a New Car Warranty?

All new factory vehicles are covered by a statutory warranty as demanded under the federal consumer warranty laws. You don’t need to sign a warranty contract or pay extra for a statutory warranty – it exists, by law, without any of this. If any faults become apparent within the first few years of ownership and provided the vehicle has been properly used and maintained, the manufacturer is obliged to remedy or repair the fault at no cost to you.

Manufacturer marketed "expressed" warranties usually come with a specified time, for example, 3 years - and such warranties are simply a mirror of the statutory warranty that applies anyway, except with a time limit applied.

Finally, there are extended warranties providing a “longer period of cover” which can be purchased at the time you buy your car or provided free of charge by the dealership.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Comission (ACCC) have recently decreed that providers of extended warranties (including dealerships) cannot dictate where a vehicle must be serviced in order to maintain a warranty cover.


Should I follow the dates in Log Book?

Yes! To enjoy that new car aura longer, definitely take your car in for regular inspections. The Log Book instructs how often, when and what should be serviced, inspected and replaced on your new car, according to the people who actually made the vehicle. By taking your vehicle to Pro-Tec Automotive, you make sure that your car is properly serviced and maintained "by the book".

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I only drive to work and shops...

To keep down costs, manufacturers have extended servicing times, however the small print in your log book tells that the vehicle needs more frequent servicing if used under abnormal driving conditions. Examples of such conditions are frequent braking, mountain driving, fast accelerating, short distances - basically most everyday commute to work and shops...

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Where should I go for New Car Service?

For Log Book Servicing that keeps your car warranty intact you have the right to go to any service centre who employs fully qualified mechanics and technicians, uses quality parts and performs services meeting manufacturer’s specifications.

All of Pro-Tec Automotive mechanics are fully trained with most modern vehicle technology and diagnostic technique knowledge. Our mechanics work always meets strict quality guidelines, we use quality Repco parts and in addition to your New Car Warranty, all of our work is covered by the Repco Nationwide  Warranty.

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How do I make a car service appointment?

You can book a New Car Log Book service online or call us now!

By inspecting your car by the guidelines in Log Book you will be maintaining your vehicle in the safest, most reliable state. It will also mean your car is kept in its peak performance state – extending the life of your car and avoiding any nasty, unexpected breakdowns or repairs.
Following your car’s log book schedule will also help to maintain a higher resale value if you ever decide to sell your car.

Looking forward to see you at Pro-Tec Automotive!

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